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Why College Entrance Test Prep?

  • We work with the other products and services you already use.
  • We use your results from practice math tests (College Board, Princeton Review, and Kaplan) to personalize your learning.
  • Our Problem Types mirror the SAT/ACT questions.
  • We integrate Socratic methodology to speed up understanding.
  • We allow you to focus your efforts to achieve the maximum benefit in the minimum time.

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The College Board SAT...

This is the first standardized College Entrance Exam most students see. The first time they see it may be when they take the PSAT which is a test given to prepare a student to take the SAT. Over 50% of incoming College Freshmen take the SAT to get admitted into college.

While no web site or product can say that they cover 100% of the College Board SAT in math, we cover what you most likely will encounter taking the SAT. Our Matrix provides directed access to the area's of math where you need to focus your efforts. We speed up the process of covering the various Problem Types that are presented on the SAT in a fast and efficient manner.

Better than taking our word for it, try the product out for FREE. In fact, if you go to the College Board web site, they offer a free practice SAT (with answer sheet). Download their Free SAT Practice Test. Take the test. Score it. Then come back and use our Scorecard system to record your answers and watch us do the analysis of your results and update the Matrix with what SAT math areas you need to work on based on your actual SAT Practice Test results!

The American College Testing ACT

The ACT goes beyond the types of math questions you will see on the SAT. It includes many of the Problem Types that we have within the Application tab, but also goes into certain Problem Types that we currently do not have in the library. For example the ACT math section includes trigonometry, which is NOT included in the SAT. In general ACT Math is not necessarily harder Many students find the questions to be more straightforward than the math questions on the SAT.


We don't have a horse in the race. Neither The College Board nor American College Testing were involved in the production of our product, nor do either endorse it. The goal of the EduCAD Application is to present you with Problem Types that reflect the questions on these college entrance exams. The EduCAD aplication is "fill-in-the-blank" rather than use the "multiple-choice" model that is on the test as the objective is to help you master these Problem Types, not just "guess better". The more Problem Types you do, the more you master, the better you will be able to do on either test when presented with these Problem Types.

What's "Adaptive"

Enter "adaptive learning" into google and it returns "About 14,800,000 results". The answers range from systems that "get harder as you show better understanding of concepts" to theories that may someday actually exist. We adapt to meet the students needs in three simple steps:

  1. Use the SAT prep exams that are published.
  2. Enter your results into our Scorecard.
  3. Work The Matrix - which is continuously adapted to display the areas you should be focused on, based on your actual performance on the SAT prep exam you completed in step 1.

What about Tutoring

We call it "coaching" here. Some small percentage of highly motivated students are self-directed learners and can get by without a "coach". Most students will benefit from having someone there to coach them. It could be a parent, a sibling or friend who has already learned the material, a teacher or a tutor, but whoever it is, they have an understanding of the material and are there to help the student learn. In our opinion these coaches are a necessary part of the learning process. In order to help them help you, we provide them with a free account through Tutoring Connect that allows them to "connect" to the student account and recommend work for the student.

College Entrance Test Prep does no tutoring, we don't personally recomend any single tutor or tutoring group with the exception of Renaissance Kids in Brentwood, CA where we actually have a relationship and use the facility as a lab for testing new products and product features. Our philosophy, based on over 15 years of product development and testing, is that our toolset works, but it works even better when it is used by the student and their coach. Our system makes the coach more effective, the student more focused and the process more meaningful.

This site is optimized for the Firefox and Chrome Browsers.
It operates on PC's, Mac's and Andriod devices. It does NOT operate on iPads or Internet Explorer (sorry).

SAT® is a trademark registered by the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this site.
ACT® is a trademark registered and/or owned by ACT Inc., which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product/site.


EduCAD Learning Solutions has taken of the most complex type of math problems that a student would see when taking the SAT® or ACT® and put them into a free application that can be used by anyone preparing for these college entrance exams.

These are not the copyrighted problems from the SAT® or ACT® exams. We have created the problem library by placing the most complex Problem Types into the EduCAD product and this product will generate problems of that type for you to work on.

With over a combined 100 years of experience in preparing students for SAT® and ACT® tests the founders of EduCAD Learning Solutions determined that there are some common Problem Types that have a high propensity for being on the exams for math. We have taken the most complex of these (the ones that you need to understand to get those higher scores) and put them into the proprietary patented EduCAD product. This application will serve you problems of these Problem Types for you to work on.

This is not a drill system. Please use the system for free and you will see that the system presents problems in a way that allows you to work through them with help offered when you need it.

We don't have a magic bullet, NOBODY DOES. This product is just a tool and the extent to which it helps you is directly proportional to the effort you put in. But we can provide you with the wisdom of over 100 years of combined experience READ ON



Every person who helps a learner learn is a coach. Teachers, tutors and parents who are involved with helping the learner grasp the concepts of subject material are... coaching. It doesn't mater what you choose to call yourself, or what others choose to call you. Your goal is to look at the learner's progress, to evaluate the areas in which the learner is being challenged, and to help the learner overcome those challanges. That's coaching.

The EduCAD Learning system starts with the simple premise that learners need coaches. Human interventionists are not a necessary evil, but are a key component in the learning cycle.

Everyone uses the term "adaptive" as if that is a magic cure to all that ails a learner. That all systems will see what the learner is doing and adapt to the learner. The sad reality is that "adaptive" means different things to different people. It's as if I said "the sky is blue". Is that a light blue or a dark blue? Is it teal or an almost black? The word "blue" is shaded by the meaning of the person saying it and their experience, and the person hearing it and their experience. The word "adaptive" is much the same. Most times the use by the transmitter of the word is far different than the meanings associated to it by the receptor.

Once you accept that "adaptive" can be as simple as a binary tree or as complex as an analysis of the underlying misconceptions exposed by a perponderance of similar responses to different problems and meeting predefined thresholds, you know that the jargon of "adaptive" is loosly coupled to reality.

EduCAD Learning Solutions acknowledges that today the best a tool can do is perform analysis and present to a human interventionist (a coach) analytics and reports that provide insights into the learner's countour map of knowledge.

This wasn't meant to be a white paper. This is what we have and how it works. If learners are using the free components of the system, this is a tool specifically for them. It provides them access to some of the most complex math problems presented on college admission exams and allows them to walk through the problems until they can answer the problem, then go back and do it again and again.

If the learner is using the subscription system (has an account) he or she has control over what they can work on (unlike the free version that offers up Problem Types randomly and with a countdown timer). Additionally, with a subscription account a student has access to reporting (coming soon; we retain information on work and progress) as well as the Scorecard system. Both these system also hook into the coaching system so that the coach to see in what areas the learner is having challenges. This will aid the coach in providing additional support, like pushing specific problem types to a work queue for the student.

So in the free version we help the student. In the paid version we help both the student as well as the coach.

Everyone Else

Everyone else?

What's going on here?

It's kind of simple. EduCAD Learning has been using the Foundations and EduCAD products for the last 10 years at Renaissance Kids, the premier educational enrichment center in Los Angeles, for ISEE preparation. We have seen it work wonders.

As we prepare for building out the product line so it can be used in schools across the nation, we determined that we needed to do two things. First, we needed to show people the product, so they could see what we have developed and get some positive impressions before we went to market. In addition, we needed to develop a revenue stream so that we could increase the product's development speed as we work to bring it to market.

By releasing a subset of the EduCAD portion of the product in this manner (with a specialized and limited Problem Type base), we are able to accomplish both goals. We introduce the product to the market in a way that allows people to use a small portion of it at no charge. If the users want some control over the product we are offering and wish access to results reporting, Scorecards and Coaching, then there is a small charge that is used to fund the development of the full product.

If you are a school interested in the full product, please


Some FAQ's
Why is it free?
We want you to do well on your entrance exam, and this will help you.
What's the hook?
Using this without logging in is completely anonymous. We store no information on you so we can provide no data on how well you are doing. You have complete and total privacy. In the upper left corner of the site it shows whether you are logged in or running as an anonymous user. In addition when you are running for free there are only a limited number of Problem Types available to you, and there are limits on how long you can work on a Problem Type. While there is access to The Matrix, it operates a bit differently in free mode than subscription mode. Only ONE Scorecard is available (the College Board free SAT Practice Test) and we only keep the data for the session of the browser (if you close the browser or reload the browser that data is lost). Finally, since you are anonymous and do not have an account, there is no way to connect you to a Coach (Tutoring Connect).
So, we can practice all we want, but there is no way to know how well we are doing and there are some known limitations?
Yep. We provide a 10 minute timer per Problem Type on the free application, but once you have been served all the Problem Types you can continue to use the application and will be re-presented them all again. All for free. You can use a limited version of The Matrix and one Scorecard.
The college exams are multiple choice, are these?
Nope. These are all fill-in-the-blank. The problems are generated using proprietary algorithms (EduCAD is patented; see the page footer). The goal of this system is not to see if you can guess the correct answer, but to help you get better at actually solving the problems so you know you have the right answer. On top of that there is a built in Socratic help system that is unique and specific to each Problem Type.
Can we get reports?
At this time we don't offer reports. The key issue is that EduCAD creates far too much raw data and we are working at creating "useful reports" that users can take action on. These reports will first be offered to Coaches, but we hope to have student reports available shortly. In addition, we do offer analytics via the Scorecard system.
So, that's the hook, you want us to pay for it for full unrestricted use?
What part of "free" did you miss? You have full access to up to items to study with. There are limitations in that you don't have reporting or control over what you get. In other words, there is no hook to make use of the system. If you want control, unlimited access, The Matrix, Scorecards, connectivity to a Coach and reporting (when we have it), well there is a charge there because that's how we can afford to (1) give the stuff away for free and (2) pay for the future development of the product.
I just noticed that there is no advertising! Why not use that rather than subscriptions?
This comes down to a basic philosophy. Either you think it's okay to advertize to kids when their minds are most open and they are learning, or you don't. We fall into the second category. We do not believe that advertising and education mix. We set our subscription prices as low as we can (about the same cost as one of the SAT Practice Test books) and keep the student side of the site advertising free (it should be noted that we do permit advertising on the Coaching side of the site).
Does this come with instructions?
In the Help tab. Please take the time to read them (they are very simple). In addition, more complete and detailed help is offered in the Knowlegebase (the last section of the Help tab, click to open).
Does this run on an iPad?
This has been tested and operates in Firefox and Chrome on PC's and Macs. While the site does operate on iPad, the EduCAD application does NOT operate on the iPad at this time.
What books can you recommend?
There are some good books out there, but not every book is good for every student and what may be good for one student may not meet another students needs at all (the same can be said for coaches). That said, we do recommend that you take as many practice tests as you can. Currently the Scorecard system makes use of these books so here are some links to the books we support with the Scorecard system. We provide links for each one (to Amazon) - we have no vendor preference so feel free to use any vendor). The Practice test books we support in Scorecards are:
  • The College Board [Amazon]
  • Princeton Review: [Amazon]
  • Kaplan: [Amazon]
Not another Newsletter!
Take the time to click on the link and you will see that we offer a number of options. The first four are if you want to be notified about upgrades, discounts, or even provide feedback to us on how we can make the product better. Only the last option is for a newsletter, and you don't have to select it. In addition, if we do six General Newsletters a year I would be shocked (I would be shocked if we did over four!). The best part is, if you don't like what you get you can opt-out in a single click.
Can we share this site with others?
Please do. Tell everyone. Use social media. Really. One of our greatest dreams is to have so many learners using the site that we get shut down by having too much traffic than our server can manage. So please, share the site with everyone you know. Heck, share the site with people you don't know! Our goal is to help as many people as possible do better on their college entrance exam, so tell the world we are here. In fact, there are some share links at the bottom of this page to make it even easier.

SAT® is a trademark registered by the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this site.
ACT® is a trademark registered and/or owned by ACT Inc., which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product/site.

Re-open Instructions


  1. Select Start SATACT EduCAD button to load and start doing random Problem Types
  2. Select the Load Problem Types by Matrix button and load the Problem Types by Subject Area and Complexity

    Both (1) and (2) will present you with Problem Types from the EduCAD library where you can run through the Problem Type as many times as you want in a 10 minute window. Currently there are Problem Types available for free to Anonymous Users.


  3. Use the Scorecard button. Scorecards allow you to complete a Scorecard that is connected to a publicly available SAT Practice Test (The test is available for free from College Board (PDF). After taking the test you can score it with the answer sheet from College Board (PDF)). Do the following
    1. Download the free College Board SAT Practice Test and Answer Sheet
    2. Take the Practice Test
    3. Score your results in the Math Sections
    4. Use the Scorecard button to open up our Scorecard for that free SAT Practice Test.
    5. Enter if you answered the questions right or wrong in the Scorecard
    6. Submit the Scorecard for analysis (analysis is stored in a session cookie)
    7. Click on the Matrix button and load the analysis of your results into The Matrix via a option that will display below The Matrix

    Scorecards allows you to have an EduCAD session that is adapted to meet your specific needs, delivering to you what you need to know based on your Practice Test results.

    click image to see all the components of the EduCAD Application.


You have total control over what you want do do using the above application bar.

  1. Select what Problem Types you wish to work on from the pull down list and then use the button to the right to work on that Problem Type.
  2. Select the Load Problem Types by Matrix button (it will rename to Martix after you do the first problem) and load the Problem Types by Subject Area and Complexity into the selection list, and then select the Problem Type you want to work on from the shorter list.
  3. Select the Scorecard button to enter the results of a SAT Practice Test into the system for analysis.
  4. For each session we keep track of the Problem Types you have worked (so you can select Problem Types without duplication). To see the Problem Types worked this session use the Show Worked List button (click the button again to hide the Worked List).
  5. [Not in the image above] If you see the button Coaches then you have added a Coach through the My Account tab. If the Coach has pushed any work to you, it will be displayed to you when you click on this button (you can also hide the display by clicking on the button again).

Below is the EduCAD Application screen. Please click the image to enlarge in order to see all the parts of the EduCAD Application.

Problem Types Worked This Session


Subscription is FREE during the BETA of this release

Use the Signup button at the bottom of this page to create your account

Without Signup (Anonymous User) With Signup (SAT/ACT Subscription)
  • Totally 100% Anonymous
  • We keep no record of your visit
  • We keep track of what you have done in the Application so you don't duplicate effort, but you have no access to that data
  • You can access Problem Types randomly, or via a matrix
  • You can Use the Scorecard for ONLY the College Board Free SAT Practice Test. And we don't store your responses for later sessions.
  • You are limited to Problem Types in the Application tab (the ones we provide for free)
  • You are limited to 10 minutes on a Problem Type in the Application tab
  • No priority customer support
  • No limits in the Application tab
  • Access to MORE than the free Problem Types (we add more all the time)
  • We keep track of your work for each session during the session and you can review what you have done
  • You can work in the Applications tab either random, by navigation (to return to components you have already done) or via the Matrix
  • You can use the Scorecard system , and all results are maintained on the system (as well as the College Board Free SAT Practice Test)
  • Priority E-mail Support (3 tickets)
  • Access for 365 540 days (current special While In BETA).

Click both the buttons below before you sign up.

Please Feel free to Upgrade your subscription. If you used a discount code when you created your initial subscription and that discount code is still active, you can use the discount code to do an upgrade as well.

This system allows a tutor to list themselves as available to provide tutoring for students on college entrance exams. A tutor can list themselves for up to three zip codes. A student may enter the system and put in a zip code and be able to get a list of tutors in the area along with a way to contact the tutor and a 140 character blurb on what they specialize in. At this time we do NOT list Internet-based (distance) tutors.

This feature is provided because it is our philosophical belief that a coach is a necessary part of the learning process. We believe that having a person there to help ALONG with our toolset is most likely the best way to ensure that a learner gets the best possible scores on the college entrance exam. ALL Coaches (Tutors, Parents, Teachers) can sign up for a free Coach/Tutor account here to connect with a student. Please see "Tutoring Connect?" in the Help tab (and the knowledgebase under the Help tab) for details.

Students, enter a zip code and then the Submit button.

(Distance: US Only)

Tutors (all Coaches), click on the button to register for free.

Note: This application is NOT only in use in the United States. Tutors may be in different countries. Please make sure that you validate and verify that a tutor is "right for you" before committing to using them. Students have different learning modalities and not every tutor will work with a student in the modality that works best for that specific student, make sure that the tutor is working with the student in a way that is best for that student (a great tutor for one student may not be a great tutor for another which is why we do NOT rank or score them on this site). And, yet again, a request that before you work with any tutor, get their qualifications and references. Anyone can hang out a shingle and claim to be a tutor (and we do not vet anyone using our system to connect with a student), so do due diligence before you select one.

More Information: Students, Click Here - Coaches (Tutors, Teachers, Parents), Click Here

Disclaimer: EduCAD Learning Solutions is making the search service available for free. EduCAD Learning Solutions does not employ, recommend, or endorse any tutors. EduCAD Learning Solutions does not provide tutoring services; EduCAD Learning Solutions provides as a portion of, a marketplace for those seeking tutoring services to connect with those seeking to provide tutoring services via a free search system on We HOPE that tutor participants listing here will use our system for SAT/ACT Math, but we do NOT require it. Before you use any tutor please obtain information on their qualifications and references. Users seeking tutoring services are solely responsible for determining whether or not to hire a tutor. Users seeking to provide tutoring services are solely responsible for determining whether they will accept an offer of employment from another website user. All use of the website is subject to EduCAD Learning Solutions terms of use.

General Help

Knowlegebase / Contact Support

There is no right or wrong way to use the system. Just work through the problems. The system does no grading. There is no pass/fail. The system just provides you with a very effective workbook that has integrated help and learning tools.

SAT® is a trademark registered by the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this site.
ACT® is a trademark registered and/or owned by ACT Inc., which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product/site.

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